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“Military children bloom everywhere the wind carries them… they are well-rounded, culturally aware, tolerant and extremely resilient… they learn that life is an exciting adventure full of new friends and new experiences”.

Here at Chestnut Street we are proud of our service children and their families.  We are also extremely proud of the local area’s military and aviation heritage.  We have around 15 children whose parents are in the armed forces.  Many of our staff have military connections too, either because they are ex-serving or have serving spouses and family members.  Therefore we understand the military way of life and recognise how postings, deployments and family separations can impact on daily life.  We are dedicated to supporting our service children in any way we can by providing pastoral and academic support where needed.

The service premium / special MOD grant is designed to address the additional needs relating to service children’s emotional and social wellbeing and the effects of separation from a serving parent deployed on operations.  Schools can use this premium to fund support where they feel it is necessary.  Our school uses the funding to provide:

  • pastoral care
  • Inclusion Manager’s time to track the effects of deployment on a child’s wellbeing and academic performance
  • intervention groups to support the progress of a child where they have fallen behind due to posting, deployment and family disruption
  • refurbishment and resourcing of a dedicated room where service children can participate in activities with other children in similar circumstances

We have a dedicated laptop so that the children can send e-blueys, or messages via the forces radio station, as well as play suitable on-line games and activities.  Ebluey is run by our friendly and discreet staff who will not only supervise your child but also lend a listening ear should the children wish to chat or talk about their feelings.

In order to support your child, communication is key and it is crucial that you please inform us of deployments or any other developments.  If you have not already done so, please complete the consent form should you wish your child to participate in E-bluey.  Even if they do not wish to attend the club, the school will of course continue to support your child in every possible way.

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