School Clubs

School Clubs

Children can participate in the following clubs/activities:


Monday Art Club Lisa Green Art Room 12:00-12:45 KS2 10/01/2019 ongoing DROP IN
Monday Eco Club Sally Darling 2D 12:00-12:30 All 12/09/2018 all year invite only
Monday Cheerleading Dance Becky Hall Hall 3:15-4:15 KS2 29/04/2019 20/05/2019  
Monday Crazy Calculators Sally Darling 2D 3:20-4:00 Yr 2 25/02/2019 ongoing invite only
Tuesday Tennis Matthew Strange Playground/field 12:00-12:30 KS2 30/04/2019 21/05/2019  
Tuesday Monopoly Deborah Blyton The Hive 12:30-1:00 Yr1&2 30/04/2019 09/07/2019  
Tuesday Striking & Field Matthew Strange Field 3:15-4:15 KS2 30/04/2019 21/05/2019  
Wednesday French Club Jenny Worthington 3/4JW 12:30-1:00 KS2 01/05/2019 22/01/1900  
Wednesday Pop Lacrosse Helen Rutter Field 3:20- 4:15 Yr4-6 01/05/2019 22/05/2019  
Wednesday Football David Wowk Field 3:15 - 4:15 Yrs 4/5/6 22/01/2019 ongoing  
Thursday Choir Afroditi 5A Classroom 12:15- 12:45 Yr 5& 6 10/01/2019 ongoing  
Thursday Gardening Club Caroline M & Louise D outside 3:20-4:00 KS2 25/04/2019 ongoing  
Thursday Running Club Sharon Wilson & Toby Mountain outside 3:20-4:15 KS2 & KS1 17/01/2019 ongoing  
Thursday Judo Afroditi Main Hall 3:15-3:55 Yr2 - 6 17/01/2019 ongoing payment needed
Thursday Lego club Lianne Cook Green room 12:00-1:00 Yr1 upwards 10/01/2019 ongoing DROP IN

If for any reason your child is unable to attend their club, please make sure the office has been notified before the end of the school day. O
utdoor clubs could be subject to cancellation if the weather is bad.

Children attending an after school club must be collected from the waiting area by the main office.

If your child wishes to join a club, please contact the office to request a place (some clubs have limited places so a request cannot automatically be granted).