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Local Governing Body

Welcome to our Governors’ section. 

Please find below details of how our Governing body is structured, including the names, categories, responsibilities and terms of appointment for each Governor.


The Local Governing Board


The governing body of a school is responsible for ensuring it is run to promote pupil achievement. Its duties include supporting the executive head teacher in setting the strategic direction, policies and objectives, approving the school budget, reviewing the schools progress against the budget and objectives and appointing, challenging and supporting the executive head teacher.


It is made up of parent governors, staff governors, co-opted governors and foundation governors (appointed by the church) and each governor serves a 4 year term. All types of people can become governors; no special qualifications are needed, although you need to be over 18 years of age when appointed. Enthusiasm, commitment and an interest in education are the most important qualities you need.


To contact the governing body, please email Kelly Creasey -

Local Board Members

Chairman: Mr Michael Ridge (contactable by using the school address)

Lead Governor for Safeguarding: Mr Russ Coulter (contactable by using the school address)


The Current Structure of our Governing Body

The following table set out information about the governing body and includes the names of members, the body by which they were appointed and the dates when their present term of office comes to an end. 



Governor Type



Mrs Amy Allcock

Parent 14/03/18 13/03/22

Reverend Sue Allison

Foundation Ex Officio

08/01/16 07/01/20

Mrs Christie Baxter

Parent 14/03/18  13/03/22

Mr Russ Coulter

Foundation 07/06/17 06/07/21

 Mrs Faye Hatton


06/11/15 05/11/19

 Mr Michael Mills

Parent 12/05/17 11/05/21

 Mr George Phillips

LAAT 01/09/16  31/08/20

Mr Michael Ridge - Chair of Local Board

Parent 08/07/15 07/07/19

Mrs Kate Hodson

Executive Head Teacher    

Mrs Claire Buckley

Head of School    

Mrs Jenny Hutchinson

Acting Head of School    

Miss Kelly Creasey


Governor attendance record - 2017-2018

















Mrs Amy Allcock - - - - Y Y Y
Mrs Christie Baxter - - - - Y
Mrs Claire Buckley Y Y  Y Y  Y
Mr Russ Coulter Y Y Y
Mr Steven Dixon


Mr Richard Eaton N Y
Mrs Kate Hodson Y Y
Mr George Phillips Y Y
Mrs Daryl Summer N N -


Register of Business Interests


Name of Governor

Relationship to staff or governor

Declared business interest

Mrs Amy Allcock None Forms to be completed
Mrs Christie Baxter None Forms to be completed
Mrs Claire Buckley None None
Mr George Phillips Wife, Julie Phillips is Admin Assistant Mr Roy Phillips (brother) provider of coaches used by school
Mrs Kate Hodson None None
Mr Russ Coulter Wife, Sally Coulter is Secretary at the LAAT Member of PCC St Mary’s Church Nettleham
(Registered Charity)
Reverend Sue Allison None None
Mrs Faye Hatton None None
Mr Michael Mills Wife, Jacqui Mills is a Learning Mentor None
Mr Michael Ridge None None
Mrs Jenny Hutchinson None None

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