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Ruskington Chestnut

Street CofE

Primary Academy

Care. Believe. Grow

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We offer a range of extra-curricular clubs over the course of the year for children across the school and in a variety of different activities.  

Autumn term clubs

Lego Club - open to all Monday lunchtime


Girls' football Year 3-6 Monday after school 


Netball Year 4-6 Wednesday after school


Multi-sports Year 1-2 Wednesday after school


Choir Year 5-6 Thursday lunch 


Art Year 5-6 Thursday after school 


Football Year 4-6 Thursday after school 

Magical maths is a 5 week club where children can learn a variety of maths tricks.  Children have learning how to calculate impossible numbers in their heads, read minds, play maths sport and solve unbelievable puzzles ......all with the power of maths!

Week one: Meet the Maths Genius

Week two: Become a maths detective

Week three: Become a Mathemagician 

Week four: Olympic mathletics 

Week five: wait and see........

This is a club run by an outside company which is paid for in advance. 

During Spring and Summer term 2022-22 we offered the following clubs: 

Spring: science, choir, recorder, netball, sketch, maths, dance, signing, computing. 


Summer: mindful art, choir, KS1 sports, football, computing, KS2 sports, Y3/4 multi-skills, Y5/6 multi-skills, girl’s football, signing, dance, dodgeball, recorder, book talk, choir, Lego,  

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