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Little Conkers Pre-School




Thank you for visiting our page.

We're really excited to share with you some of the lovely things we get up to each day!

We would love you to come and visit us!

Please do email or phone us with your contact details

and we will seek to get back to you as soon as we can.


Our contact details are:


Phone: 01526 832424

You will often find us outdoors - we love running, climbing, balancing, chasing, hiding, constructing and, of course, jumping in puddles!


We believe the natural world is very important in developing our all round wellbeing, physically, socially, mentally and emotionally. We spend lots of time investigating plants and minibeasts, and taking full advantage of learning opportunities that the varied seasons and weather bring our way.


If you step into the forest area you will probably be invited over to the mud kitchen to taste a selection of delicious, if somewhat unusual, meals! Our recipes are always very imaginative!

In our waterproof suits and wellies we're ready and eager to explore everything - if water splashes out or things tip over during our investigating and play it doesn't matter and we love having the space and freedom for this!

Learning new skills, having a go, persevering and developing independence are a huge part of how we grow in confidence.

Teaching the children to safely and skilfully use real tools is a key part of our curriculum.

The children love their tools and woodwork sessions and their concentration is fantastic! 


We experience so much when we grow our own fruit and vegetables. We like to grow strawberries, peas, potatoes as well as tending our flowers.

In the school allotment we planted small pumpkin and sweetcorn plants that we had grown from seed. We watered them regularly and were amazed at the harvests! 

We had so much fun trying to lift and carry the pumpkins - pumpkin rolling was by far the most fun!

We were each able to take a corn cob home to cook and eat! They were delicious!


It has been a little while since we have been able to walk around the village, and we really hope it won't be too long before we can meet all the lovely folk in the shops and businesses again. We learn so much!

But we've been really excited to welcome special visitors into school.

Cpl Howley, RAF musician and STEM ambassador, was amazing! Live music is something new to many of us. We loved our time together and Cpl Howley has promised to visit again!


This is our Welcome room where we arrive first to settle into the day.

We also use this room for snack and lunchtime, a great area to chat, eat and share time together.

We are blessed with a spacious Pre-School room where the children explore and learn.


Oh the fun times we have! Baking hold lots of super learning moments - measuring, counting, following a recipe, increasing vocabulary, taking turns, working safely and hygienically, changes in materials as they are combined, heated or cooled.

Take a look at our healthy banana oatmeal cookies which tasted wonderful!



The activities and resources provided are very much led by the children's interests. Their inquisitive questions prompt investigations in diverse directions. We use these teachable moments to move the children forward in their learning.


It's important for our children from a young age to learn, in age appropriate ways, about a range of significant events to grow to have respect and appreciation for what others do and have done for them, making our world a safer and happier place for all.


Having fun and making memories at special times are precious to us too, and Advent and Christmas were thoroughly enjoyed by all!

On party day we were over the moon when Santa came to see us. He chatted for ages and then he gave us each a gift. 

Games, food and dancing a-plenty!

Chinese New Year

We learned so much and loved this vibrant and happy time of celebration. Sharing together in our Chinese meal was definitely the highlight of the week!


You will find many, many books in Little Conkers!

We enjoy finding creative ways to nurture a love of books. Story sessions with our book of the week are fun times for all of the children to share in. It is delightful to watch children retelling the story to their friends using animated voices and remembering the repeated phrases. Each day also has plenty of singing including nursery rhymes and number songs, and we love adding actions!

We also choose books from our Book Time library to take home to share with our families. 




Our friendly little robot, Wordy Woody, loves having sleepovers at the children's homes. He's excited to learn as many words as he can - new and clever words. He is eager for us to understand and use more and more words in our conversations as it will help us build our confidence and skills ready for reading and writing as we grow.



The children are great at learning and using Makaton which again is such a great tool to support their communication. 


These are important periods in the day for rest and for developing social skills. Times to connect, sitting around the tables, sharing food together and chatting about our day. 

The children have access to free fruit and milk each day. Most children bring a packed lunch, but hot meals can be ordered and purchased from “Ideal foods” who supply the main school (see link below).


The children each have a personal, secure online Learning Journey using software called Tapestry, which builds into a lovely record of their learning, including photos, comments and observations. Parents are able to view this continually and are encouraged to add their own photos and observations from home.


We very much value the partnership with you in ensuring that your children continue to be confident, excited and super little learners!


Please come and visit us to find out more!




Extended provision is available in our school breakfast club, Early Birds, from 7.30am each morning. 


Our Pre-School provision is registered for 3 and 4 year olds. Funded hours can be taken the term after a child’s third birthday, and paid for sessions are available as soon as a child turns 3.


We offer 15 hours per week universal government funded places, with options for additional paid for sessions.

We also offer 30 hours per week extended funded places, for those families who are eligible.


It is completely your choice as to whether you choose to purchase school uniform for your child or whether they come in their own clothes. See the links below to our school uniform providers.  


If you are looking for fun filled learning for your child in spacious and stimulating indoor and outdoor environments, then Little Conkers Pre-School

is the place to be!


Our experienced staff team are always happy to show you around and talk with you about your child’s specific interests and needs, and how we can make their pre-school experience a very happy and enriching one.


We would love you to come and visit us!

Please do email or phone us with your contact details

and we will seek to get back to you as soon as we can. 


Our contact details are: Email      

Phone: 01526 832424


Keep up to date with us on our Facebook page!

TERM DATES FOR 2020 - 2021

Our local Children's Centres have a great deal to offer families - take a look! 

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  • We’re proud of our achievements! Read about them on our website!