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Ruskington Chestnut

Street CofE

Primary Academy

Care. Believe. Grow

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At Ruskington Chestnut Street C of E Primary Academy we are committed to providing a safe learning environment in which the pupils are encouraged to treat each other with respect and kindness in every aspect of their lives. This week in worship and classrooms we have been discussing our school's ethos with behaviour. Our school is underpinned by our guiding principles of Care, Believe, Grow in conjunction with our Church Values.


Our School is a place where...

  • We care about others and show this through our positive words and actions
  • We believe that everyone has a right to learn
  • We grow alongside each other whilst respecting ourselves, others, and everything around us
  • We demonstrate our core Church values of:

             Compassion Respect, Humility, Trust, Forgiveness, Perseverance.


In addition we shared with the children our ethos of intrinsic motivation - we behave in the right way and make positive choices because it is the right thing to do, it makes us good citizens. We strongly believe that intrinsic motivation is linked to the school ethos of Care, Believe, Grow and to be the best version of ourselves. ‘Rewards’ come from completing and achieving a challenge; helping others; a thank you from others; a smile from a member of staff amongst so many others.

Each week 1 child from each class is selected by their teacher to receive the Chestnut Superstar Award for their class.  A child could receive these for a variety of reasons such as progress in a particular subject, showing resilience and perseverance or upholding our school church values. The children are presented with their certificate on our Friday celebration assembly where the teacher announces who the class superstar is for the week and the reasons why.

Scrolling Quotes

  • We’re proud of our achievements! Read about them on our website!