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Ruskington Chestnut

Street CofE

Primary Academy

Care. Believe. Grow

Contact Details

Year 1 - Sycamore Class

Welcome to Sycamore Class


Class Teacher:

Mrs Darling


Support Staff: 

Mrs Hudson, Mrs Mansi, Miss Sturton and Mr Rudkin.

Mrs Keay - PPA cover


In Year 1 we begin the children's journey into Key Stage One. We make the transition from Reception (EYFS) into Year 1 and the next stage in your child's learning easier by supporting them with lots of hands-on learning through our inspiring and creative curriculum. In Sycamore class we learn in a variety of ways, with a mixture of formal, practical and play based learning. Children take part in whole class, group and independent activities throughout the day. In June the children will have their Phonics screening, children will be expected to know all the phonics sounds which are taught daily to them, you can support your child by asking them the sounds, looking for sounds in words and reading with them daily.


School Values 

Term 1 - Honesty

Term 2 - Trust 

Term 3 - Compassion

Term 4 - Respect 

Term 5 - Forgiveness 

Term 6 - Perseverance 



“Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body!”


We read regularly with the children in school, reading is a core aspect in Year One.


Please try to listen to your child read, they are sent home daily with at least one book, once you/ an older sibling or family member have heard them read please log their activity in their reading log.  


It is important for the children to bring in their reading folder each day in order to keep their books updated. 


Children in Sycamore class visit our school library once a week to read for pleasure, sharing a book as a whole class or choosing a book to read in the library. 


Year 1 - PE day is Friday (afternoon) 


Please ensure children come to school with their correct P.E kits in a suitable bag on a Friday every week. Children need both indoor and outdoor clothing and footwear in order for us to benefit fully from our P.E lessons. Please ensure long hair is tied up and all jewellery removed. If your child cannot remove their own ear studs, please ensure you take them out on the day. 

How you can support you child at home

  • Read as frequently as possible with your child.
  • Read to your child to model expression.
  • Allow opportunities to read to a sibling, pet or teddy.
  • Read comics, signs, menus, leaflets, posters, labels in supermarkets and a variety of books.
  • Play eye spy games with phonemes and graphemes, for example I spy something with the phoneme 'a-e' they might say 'snake'. It has the a-e sound in it.
  • Word hunt - post it notes around the house with words for them to find.
  • Write on the pavement with chalk or in sand. 

Trips/ Visitors 

In Sycamore we make community links by visiting the Chestnuts care home on a regular basis.

In the past we have visited Sleaford  to see the mosque, St Deny's church and the castle.  We have also been to Lincoln Wildlife Park. 

Year 1 Curriculum Overview

We welcome volunteers to listen to readers. Please contact the school office if you would like to support us with this. 

Scrolling Quotes

  • We’re proud of our achievements! Read about them on our website!