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Ruskington Chestnut

Street CofE

Primary Academy

Care. Believe. Grow

Contact Details

Year 2 - Hazel Class

Welcome to Hazel Class!


Mrs Walton (Monday - Thursday)

Mrs Green (Friday)

Support Staff: 

Mrs Gauntlett

Mrs Dunn

Mrs Keay

Key Information



Reading is a core aspect of the Year Two curriculum. We ask that our children read to an adult at home at least four times each week. Please record your child’s daily reading in their reading diary so that we can see how they are getting on. We welcome volunteers to listen to readers. Please contact your child’s class teacher if you would like to support us with this. 


It is important for the children to bring in their reading folder each day in order to keep their books updated and to read to an adult in school. 



This term our PE sessions are as follows:

Friday afternoons Athletics and Dance 


Children will require a PE kit for both indoors and outdoors. Now that the weather has turned a tracksuit or jogging bottoms will be needed when we are outdoors. Plimsoles are suitable for indoor PE. Trainers are preferable for outdoor PE. If you require further details, please look at the uniform section on our website. 




The focus for homework for this term is based on key skills including reading, spelling, times tables and mathematical concepts which we will cover in school. We see homework as an extension of this and a way in which you can see how your child is progressing in school. Each child will receive a homework book with further details of the tasks they are required to complete. 




Our Church School Value


This term our core value is HONESTY. The children will be learning that 'Honesty is demonstrated by what we say and by what we do'. How it impacts our entire life; our jobs, our relationships, our own feelings about ourselves and the actions we take. Also how it can move us forward and allow us to feel good about what we do.



Our Curriculum

Autumn Term


During Term 1 our learning will be focused on the unit of Animals including Humans. In this unit children will begin by looking at animal young and comparing them to their adults. They will look at how animals change as they grow up and be introduced to the life cycles of several varied common animals, including humans. They look in detail at how humans change as they grow older, drawing on their own observations. Children are introduced to the three basic needs of animals for survival (water, food and air). They will apply this knowledge, alongside research from secondary sources, to suggest ways to look after pets. The unit ends with children looking at healthy lifestyles, including the importance of exercise, healthy eating and hygiene. These healthy living lessons develop ‘working scientifically’ skills through investigating the impact of exercise on our bodies and how handwashing is essential for good hygiene.



During this term we are learning to locate the 7 continents of the world using a world map and to name the major oceans of the world. The children will research the continents of the world and begin to explain key facts about them to their peers. They will also learn where hot and cold countries are located in the world, beginning to name climate zones around the world using key words (temperate, cold, warm, tropical). They will begin to think about how the location of hot and cold countries affects the different animals that live there.

Geography Knowledge Organisers


This term we are learning about the influential nurses Florence Nightingale, Mary Seacole and Edith Cavell. Children will learn what makes a person significant, explore and compare the lives and work of these nurses and consider how these individuals have influenced nursing today.


During Term 1 all the learning in this unit is focused around one song: Hands, Feet, Heart - a song that celebrates South African Music.


During term 1 our unit of work is Information Technology around us. In this unit, the children will look at information technology at school and beyond, in settings such as shops, hospitals, and libraries. The children will investigate how information technology improves our world, and they will learn about using information technology responsibly.

Art & Design

This term we will be focusing on Drawing. The children will explore the use of tones in shading and learn how to control their pencil to create dark and light tones. Remembering that different drawing tools and different ways of holding them can give a variety of tones from light to dark. The children will develop their skills in order to create a 3D drawing. They will begin to experiment with pencils to create different tones and use these different tones to make a drawing look three dimensional.

Scrolling Quotes

  • We’re proud of our achievements! Read about them on our website!