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Ruskington Chestnut

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Reception - Oak Class

Welcome to Reception!


The Reception Year is an exciting but busy year! We encourage the children to develop independence during their time with us. We place a great deal of emphasis on developing early writing, reading and number skills. We value the support from our parents in supporting their children with these key life skills. All of our children bring home a reading book each night and additional activities to support the development of their number and phonics skills. We love sharing our 'Weekly News' via Tapestry and we support parents with workshops and communication via 'Class Dojo' so that our children have the maximum opportunity to reach their full potential. 


Meet the team:

Mrs Hall: Class Teacher

Mrs Biglands: supports children in EYFS with their learning and development.

Mrs Courtney and Mrs Moore: work in Little Conker's pre-school and are familiar faces to our children.


Church School Value:

Term Five Church School Value is Forgiveness. We will have time to think about what it means to forgive someone and how we can seek forgiveness.



Term Five PE sessions will be on a Friday and we will be outside doing athletics. There will also be a range of activities on offer each day to develop their gross motor skills (e.g., balls, scooters) and fine motor skills (e.g., threading, dough) We will also have continued access to our outdoor area.







Our Topics and Themes


Term Five - How does your garden grow?


As part of out topic this term we have special visitors in the classroom! We will be observing our own caterpillars growing and turning into butterflies. We will also plant sunflowers and think about what they will need to grown. In Maths we will be exploring numbers bigger than 10 and in Literacy we will be creating our own minibeast fact files.



Term Four - Was Goldilocks bad?


This term we will be exploring traditional tales and writing our own. In Maths we will be combing groups and exploring numbers 6-10. We will continue to think about being healthy and why exercise is important. We will be creating our own maps and will programme beebots to explore our own maps. 



Term Three - Why is snow white?


This term we will be learning about the different weather, clothes and animals in cold countries and comparing them to where we live. In literacy we be learning to retell the Elves and the shoemaker story which will lead us to having to design new shoes for Mr Doud. We will also begin to develop our computing skills by using the paint programme to create pictures. 



Term Two - Why do leaves fall off trees?


As part of our topic, we will be learning all about Autumn and Winter and the changes in seasons. We will explore our natural environment and create natural artwork. In maths we will continue to practice our subitising skills and continue to develop our blending and segmenting skills to read words in phonics. We will take part in lots of different Christmas festivities and activities and learn all about the Christmas story. 



Term One - Who is in my world?


As part of our topic, we will be talking about ourselves and our families and getting to know our new friends in our school environment. We will be learning lots of different nursery rhymes by heart ready to perform as a class as well as reading different fiction and non-fiction books about ourselves and and school. In phonics we will be focusing on blending and segmenting words orally as well as learning some letter sounds and letter formation. In maths we will be sorting objects by size or colour, etc and copying or creating our own patterns. 






Please follow us via the Class Dojo, Tapestry, Twitter and Facebook for regular updates, photos and much more!

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